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Release date:
01 November 2013

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Spacebat is an arcade style game where players must ‘tap ‘n flap’ their way through various levels, whilst dodging a range of enemies & obstacles. Faced against a challenging set of levels combined with an endless ‘survival’ mode, players must hone their skills in order to complete this unforgiving yet addictive game.


The game started out as a small test - our first ever test, in fact - as to how GM:Studio worked and whether we could use it to create games. We're all massive gamers, so the thought of being able to create our own games was unbelievably exciting. Only being in our late teens, we had never really tried any languages or game engine apps before - so GM:Studio was both exciting and a bit daunting too. After creating a little red line that flew around on the screen when you tapped, we were hooked. From there, we just kept developing and expanding on this 'game' until it became the beauty you see before you! ;)


  • 4 challenging levels.
  • Endless Survival mode – how long can you last?
  • 8 enemy snake types – varying deadly abilities.
  • Lethal in-game obstacles – Cannons, Lazers & more!
  • 3 special power-ups, including Spacebat’s deadly Super Dive.
  • Includes awesome retro 8bit music, for that arcade feel.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Game of the Week" Super Game Droid, January 2014

Selected Articles

  • "You thought Super Meat Boy’s uber challenging gameplay was addicting? Wait till you meet the new action arcade game Spacebat."
    - James Maxwell, Super Game Droid
  • "Fun, addictive arcade gameplay - 8.5/10"
    - Tre Lawrence, Android Rundown
  • "Boasts some bona fide hardcore challenges."
    - Al Jackson, Hardcore Droid
  • "Game Developers Discuss the Media that Taught Them How to Take the Road Less Traveled"
    - Al Jackson, Hardcore Droid

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Hot Box Games is a small independent game development company based in the UK. We're just three guys with regular day jobs, assembling in the Hot Box Cave at night to create awesome games.

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Spacebat Credits

Jess Thomason

Sean Billington
Art, Web

Sam Curley
Music & Sound

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